Hi! We are Corey, Emily and rescue dogs Penny Rose and Bella Luna. For six years, we've lived and worked in a 1987 VW Vanagon named Boscha, follow our passions. We hope our journey inspires you to awaken your dream. Anything is possible. And nothing is guaranteed.

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4 tips to begin vanlife

Often, we are asked how to begin. “I want to live vanlife but don’t know where to start” is a […]

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10 minutes of gratitude to balance vanlife stress

Discomfort is the sweet spot. It’s how I grow best. I love bumpy roads, down pours, sweating and even breakdowns. […]

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Work skills for vanlife

I am adaptable. I have to be on the road. Work demands it. I must be able and willing to […]

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The mind-body benefits of prioritizing time outside

This post was first published on Life Is Good. I don’t live in a van to live in a van. […]

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