• VanLife: Modern Nomads | EP. One

    Who Are We?

    Modern nomads are a growing community committed to living their dream, by van, boat, bike or foot. Join us on a mission in our old vans to interview other modern nomads, to learn from them and share their stories, guided by the question WHO ARE WE?

  • VanLife: Modern Nomads | EP. TWO

    How Do We Live?

    Van life is a personal journey, and there are many ways to get from point A to B. Yet, we can all learn from each other. Join us as we interview two families, guided by the question HOW DO WE LIVE?

  • VanLife: Modern Nomads | EP. THREE

    How Do We Work?

    What IS work? How do modern nomads work? Like, really. Not just how we make money but on a deeper level. Is it what gives us purpose? Is it what we give to ourselves and the world? Or is it just a brutal necessity, a function of modern civilization? Join us as we live van life and look to the community of modern nomads to learn more about what work means, guided by the question HOW DO WE WORK?

  • VanLife: Modern Nomads | EP. Four

    What Are Our Obstacles?

    Obstacles. Breakdowns. Conflict. Van life often presents many challenges, from being sick to breakdowns. Sometimes, we create the challenge, to learn, grow and for fun. Sometimes, the challenge is beyond our control. Join us as we interview modern nomads about their challenges, guided by the question WHAT ARE OUR OBSTACLES?

  • VanLife: Modern Nomads | EP. Five

    How Do We Fit In The World?

    How do we fit into this world we’ve created? We all write our own unique story. Yet together, we write our world. The modern nomads share diverse, inspiring stories that remind us to consciously and passionately write the story we desire beginning Now. And...If we are the writers, then WHO ARE WE?