A breeze of change dances in the warm Southern California air.  The end of a year. A holiday season away from family. The completion of filming the Where’s My Office Now? web series.


A breeze of change, but no idea which way it blows.

A week ago, this immersion into the unknown triggered a sense of panic in me. Then, a moment of clarity. The immersion into the unknown, which we so often speak of, is an illusion, is fake… is actually known.


The “unknown” in van life (or any life) is the future, right? Where will be this winter… where will we sleep tonight….will we breakdown… how will we continue to make money if my contract runs up…etc. However, the future really only exists as the present moment… which is always known if we are paying close attention to it. Thus, to embrace the unknown is to live in the now.

The now is where I choose to be and it’s definitely known. The now is sitting in Encinitas, CA writing this, the ocean breeze softly blowing, the blaring sound of a train tearing by, Corey cooking swiss chard. Everything we need, right here.


Only through actions in the now, will we figure out what to do with our winter. One of our visions is to find an organic farm in Hawaii to live on in trade for work on the farm, website development, social media, and photography services. Another vision, is to head back into Arizona, exploring some of the Southwest that we haven’t seen, and ending up back in Sedona. Two visions out of a world full of opportunities.

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