The Feeling Of Utah

Space to think. Space not to think.

Towering geological structures embrace the sky. Little rivers quietly snake and find their way through geological time.  Expansive deserts. Petroglyphs. Purple sand dunes. Wide open roads. A feeling of internal expansion, freedom, adventure and peace. This is Utah. Or at least my experience of it.


Utah. One of those states that had quietly slipped through my must-visit filter. Truly not caring if I made it there or not, when Corey suggested we leave Sedona and journey into Southern Utah to check out the mountain biking, I indifferently agreed. After being in Sedona for over two months, we were finally feeling the urge move on. Plus, it was getting HOT.

The open road led us to Moab and then on a National Park tour. Arches, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon and Zion all blew our minds.


Wide open spaces adorned with the most unique geological structures, sculpted by time, gravity wind and water.


Flowers, snow and red rock heaven.


The feeling of Utah will remain engrained in my heart and mind. The expansive mind space created by traveling an area so remote and out of service was a brief reprieve from our virtual work. Space to think. Space to not think. Space to just be and observe all that nature is. All that we are. Thank you Utah for humbling me and making me feel small and part of something breathtakingly beautiful. We will be back.

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