The van is parked in the middle of chaos, in the eye of a human storm known as Walmart. The field of pavement rises to meet me, and as I circle the van checking out tonight’s home, the security guard circles me with his lights strobing. This, is van life. At least, it’s one side of it. Van life is whatever you make of it, and my mind wanders back.

Back to one week ago when the van was parked in paradise, with coconut trees not light posts, shells not trash, and the only circling was the Osprey flying free above.


The place was the Florida Keys, and the reason was the production of season 2 of the Where’s My Office Now? web series (watch season one here). The crowd-funded project consisted of one month of filming, 13 modern nomad interviews, a couple of breakdowns, and memories to inspire our future days.


As I sit in this concrete world, I reflect on the completed production. It is the people that inspire me every single day to continue life on the road. Every person has a unique story yet we are all united by the desire to live full, happy lives of personal growth, experience and adventure.


It doesn’t matter where I am, Walmart or the Florida Keys, my heart is warmed by the fire of the individuals out there taking risks and living outside of their comfort zones, far beyond society’s boundaries. Anything is possible, and as Corey and I move into the post-production phase of this project I envision a world where we all say yes to what makes us happy and the world a better place.


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