Secrets to Vanlife Longevity

Vanlife is a piece of cake. There is a tried and true formula. First, decide if it is the leap for you. Then, simplify your life and purchase the right van to meet your needs. Last, create remote work. That’s it! Now¬†drive off into the sunset and snap a few photos to inspire your friends on Instagram. Piece of organic sugar-free vegan delicious cake, right? Well, sort of, no, not really. ūüėČ

Truth is, getting on the road is just the beginning. Staying on the road and thriving within a lifestyle of movement is a bit of an art form.

We’ve learned some¬†things in our 4+ years on the road about vanlife longevity. Here are some tips for reflection on your unique journey.

Intake Wisely. Our health is everything. It is the foundation of our journey. When we are well, we adventure deeper. Although there are many practices supporting health, what we ingest as food and water is perhaps the most significant. Our bodies are brilliant systems that are always regenerating intelligently using the resources we intake. Thus, we cook all of our meals in the van with love because the life that we consume (aka food) is what literally builds our physical structure. We also seek out reverse osmosis water fill up stations. We masticate (chew) the crap out of our food and use herbs and spices that have been used medicinally for thousands of years and are now backed by science. Just as intaking nourishing food is important, so is avoiding that which causes harm. Personally, I (Emily) am very sensitive to caffeine, alcohol and sugar and am a better version of myself when I avoid it all together.

Practice Yoga. By nature of living in 80 square feet, we often find ourselves in awkward, ergonomically incorrect positions. Thus, we rely on intelligently designed daily yoga practice to bring our legs, arms and spine through their full range of motion, creating both strength and flexibility. Yoga practice yokes the harmony of opposites and through practice we center ourselves and still the fluctuations of mind. As a result we feel clear, content, compassionate and peaceful… all wonderful qualities when living with a lover in a van! Practicing yoga in a new location almost every day is a real gift and a welcomed challenge.

Gather Together. Community is essential to¬†being human. This Psychology Today article discusses why connection is a prerequisite for survival, both physically and emotionally. As societies becomes more complex, interconnected and specialized, reliance on each other grows. We’ve experienced the necessity of community first hand on the road. We’ve learned invaluable lessons from Vanagon owners. We’ve received soul nourishing showers at new friends’ houses when it felt like we hit rock bottom. We’ve met so many people who have lifted us up and inspired us to continue living in a van and storytelling. We’ve found numerous work opportunities through our connections. Our most memorable times are campfires under starry skies with like hearted nomads. The better we all are, the better we all are.

Consciously Play Creator.  Vanlife is an exercise in being the creator of our lives. When we believe anything is possible, it becomes true. When we wake up daily and remember this, and see each day like a shiny white canvas, we can awaken our dreams through intention, thought, speech and action. And yet at the same time, right alongside anything being possible, nothing is guaranteed. We are not promised another day. Remembering both of these truths empowers us to change what we can for the better and accept that which we cannot change by being content with what is.

What practices have helped you maintain your lifestyle? How do you nourish your body and mind? What does community mean to you?

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