Getting Sponsored For Vanlife

#vanlifequestions How did we partner with GoWesty? We reached out to GoWesty almost four years ago, when we began vanlife. We had just started Instagramming and blogging. We saw vanlife as an experiment, an inquiry into the merging of a traditional 9-5 with a nomadic lifestyle. Sharing our story came naturally, as we desired to offer an authentic-as-possible look at life on the road. GoWesty believed in our vision, and our partnership began as the best partnerships do. Slow, steady and a lot of fun. In our contract it was required that we meet Jad the General Manager at a Mexican restaurant for food and beer. We received some discounts on products and lot of good vibes.

A lot has changed since then. We’ve learned that anything is possible, and nothing is guaranteed. We’ve found the importance of community. And now we’re daring to create our dream work. And GoWesty has been right by our side the entire time. One time, after filming the modern nomads web series, we putt-putted across country on almost no engine compression. Boscha died at the exact moment we arrived outside of GoWesty’s garage. Just in time for a full engine replacement. Watch the video below for the story on the breakdown and GoWesty’s work to restore our vanlife dream.

We believe in the power of community, the synergy that happens when we align with friends, family, and companies with a shared vision. When we find our tribe. So much more is possible when we are unified and can support each other. We are eternally grateful for GoWesty’s technical innovation and commitment to keeping these vintage vehicles alive. We cannot express enough thanks for their hard work, good parts, and some emotional support that has fueled our longevity on the road. Most of all we are grateful for their friendship. To be honest, it feels like way more than a sponsorship. Every time we visit them for a tune up or a beer, we find ourselves surrounded by warm hearted, van loving human beings. It feels like home.

On our way! 🚐💨🚐💨🚐💨 | @gowestycampers #westylife #syncrofest2015

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Tips For Sponsorship For Your Vanlife Project

For those of you looking to collaborate with companies on a project (vanlife or whatever), here are some things we’ve learned.

  1. More than anything, give from your heart. Be you. The world needs you to dare to make a positive impact in the best way that you can.
  2. Create killer content. Learn what makes a good photo and caption or video. Speak from your heart. Be consistent. 
  3. Remember we are all artists, storytellers of our lives. Own your creative power in your unique way. 
  4. Clearly define your mission and vision. Companies will be more likely to support you clearly community exactly what you are doing, why, and what they will receive by working with you.  
  5. Don’t let speed bumps keep you down. You may receive more no’s, then yeses.  They are learning opportunities. Learn what you need to learn to move forward.

Featured Products

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  • Nathan September 29, 2016  

    Great post! I think a ton of people would love to have some sponsorships, and you guys sharing all of this info is bound to help the raging torrent of vanlifers out there figure out how to make it on there own!

  • Matthew November 24, 2016  

    Inspiring! Some great info for anyone trying to find sponsorship!

  • Jerry Jaramillo February 22, 2017  

    Aloha you guys . Love traveling with you. Always here to help.

    • Emily king February 24, 2017  

      Aloha Jerry, thank you to you and Mary as always for your love!