A Modern Nomads web series!

In November 2014, we filmed, alongside our van friends Idle Theory Bus, a web series about modern nomads.  We interviewed 12 individuals, couples and families living on the road and on water. The project was crowdfunded with Kickstarter.  Watch the web series on the Where’s My Office Now YouTube channel.


Join the Community

A community is a unified body of individuals.  The Where’s My Office Now? community is united by our passions for the nomadic lifestyle. Some of us are nomads, others are in the process of planning a nomadic lifestyle, and many are simply passionate about modern nomadism and vans.

We are united by things like the desire for redefining what work means in our lives,  freedom, simplicity, following passions and connecting with others.

We are developing a new community website. The mission is to inspire and empower us all to live our dreams.

But we can’t create a community website alone! We need you! Whether it be meeting up with us somewhere down the road for a video interview, emailing us your story, contribution to the new website, being one of the first to test the new website, or hosting us as we come through your town, we greatly appreciate your support!

If you’d like to be part of these projects, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch moving forward. (NOTE: We will NEVER share your email or contact information!)

  • Use this space to provide details on how you'd like to be involved, or to ask any questions.