Change Vanagon Coolant

Keep your Vanagon happy with clean coolant!

Flush your coolant if you have no records of its last change. I have been told by a few mechanics that you should change your coolant every two years. These vehicles are know to overheat when under stressful driving conditions. Although it is water-cooled, the coolant has a long way to travel between the radiator and the engine. Having good, clean coolant will keep your Vanagon happy.

  • Cooling system information, including coolant changing starts on page 19.1 of the Bentley.
  • Diagrams will show bleeder valves or breather valves (as they are called in “86” or later).
  • This is a two person job if you want to make it easy on yourself.
  • Here are some good additional instructions on coolant changing.
  • You should only use an amine and phosphate free coolant.



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One comment

  • Christopher Anstey October 17, 2015  

    This coolant change work is vital if my experience is anything to go by. As soon as you buy any Vanagon with a stock motor (no matter how good you think it is) get the two belts changed at the back with fresh rubber. Next get this work done as Cory recommends otherwise you can be in for a large bill for a new head gasket, cylinder head or worse as overheating will make a big mess in your van.