Food Storage and Refrigeration

Food. Our largest monthly van life expense. We like to feel good on the road, so we eat good food.  Good food needs good storage!   Food storage is so important to us! Learn how we store dry food, fruits and vegetables andkeep food cool with refrigeration.

If you’re interested in learning about what our food expenses are, watch the video below about van life expenses, or read our blog about van life expenses.

What Every New Vanagon Owner Must Do

Through trial, error, research and recommendations, we discovered that there are very important things that all Vanagon owners should know, and that new owners should do to their van. For example, after watching The Bus (which, by the way, all VW enthusiasts should own!) we were horrified to see that these vehicles tend to catch on fire.  What?!? This was shocking to us, but after researching it thoroughly, we learned that Vanagons have rubber fuel lines that become corroded leaking fuel which can cause fires, and that by simply replacing these fuel lines, we eliminate this fire hazard.

Other must-do’s for new Vanagon owners include:

We are not mechanics.  See Corey’s Disclaimer here.

Van Roles

Our van life roles are what keep us rolling on this journey of many miles.  Between the two of us there is a balance of driving, working, cooking, cleaning, van maintenance, route planning, and of course, playtime.  

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