Food Storage and Refrigeration

Food. Our largest monthly van life expense. We like to feel good on the road, so we eat good food.  Good food needs good storage!   Food storage is so important to us! Learn how we store dry food, fruits and vegetables andkeep food cool with refrigeration.

If you’re interested in learning about what our food expenses are, watch the video below about van life expenses, or read our blog about van life expenses.

What Every New Vanagon Owner Must Do

Through trial, error, research and recommendations, we discovered that there are very important things that all Vanagon owners should know, and that new owners should do to their van. For example, after watching The Bus (which, by the way, all VW enthusiasts should own!) we were horrified to see that these vehicles tend to catch on fire.  What?!? This was shocking to us, but after researching it thoroughly, we learned that Vanagons have rubber fuel lines that become corroded leaking fuel which can cause fires, and that by simply replacing these fuel lines, we eliminate this fire hazard.

Other must-do’s for new Vanagon owners include:

We are not mechanics.  See Corey’s Disclaimer here.

Inspiration: Tortuga Plata

It’s about the people. Always has been, always will be. The road we travel seems to always offer us synchronistic encounters with inspiring people. People who are forever in our hearts and leave us slightly changed. Like-minded, free-spirited beings you could say. Therefore, I see it as fitting that I break my recent “van life writer’s block” by sharing with you a story of a family that we recently crossed paths with, Tortuga Plata.

“Hey Emily, some guy just texted me I think he knows Jad. He’s coming through Sedona and wants to meet up. Is that cool?” Corey asked me.


I hesitated. A stranger meeting us in the wilderness, unfinished work to do, and editing. Lots of editing, as I was behind in releasing our web series and wanted to get started editing Episode 7 ASAP. “Sure,” I replied.

This is how van life often goes.  I’m stressed because of work and then get thrown into an unplanned situation. But then something happens. Every single time:  I remember one of the top reasons that we live this lifestyle. The people.  Because every single person has

something unique to offer and is somehow inspiring.  A sense of peace washes over me as I become open to what is.


This time, the “is” was an awesome night of camping and getting to know  Tortuga Plata, a family of FOUR living in their Westfalia Syncro van.  Marc (dad), Sarah (mom), Charlee (daughter) and Micah (dog) left Alaska in October 2013 with objectives of experiencing America, and searching for a cool town that they can settle down in while Charlee attends school.

Four beings. In a van. Now, when we filmed our van life web series, we had a third person, our filmmaker. However, he was outside as much as possible, and even SLEPT outside.  How Tortuga Plata does it simply blows my mind.  Did I mention that Marc is 6’7″?? And that Micah is one of the largest dogs I’ve seen, possibly part wolf?!


We loved this family and what they are doing, and thus decided to film a little bit of their story.  A few life lessons Tortuga Plata exudes are: ANYTHING is possible (especially with space management!), van life is an amazing experience for a kid, and the VW community is strong and the catapult for connecting so many of us.

Thanks to GoWesty and 93 MPH for helping connect us with Tortuga Plata.  It’s a spider web of connections and we love every thread.

Since this is our first time interviewing people we connect with, please let us know if you enjoy the video!


Van Roles

Our van life roles are what keep us rolling on this journey of many miles.  Between the two of us there is a balance of driving, working, cooking, cleaning, van maintenance, route planning, and of course, playtime.  

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