Secrets to Vanlife Longevity

Vanlife is a piece of cake. There is a tried and true formula. First, decide if it is the leap for you. Then, simplify your life and purchase the right van to meet your needs. Last, create remote work. That’s it! Now¬†drive off into the sunset and snap a few photos to inspire your friends on Instagram. Piece of organic sugar-free vegan delicious cake, right? Well, sort of, no, not really. ūüėČ

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Getting Sponsored For Vanlife

#vanlifequestions How did we partner with GoWesty? We reached out to GoWesty almost four years ago, when we began vanlife. We had just started Instagramming and blogging. We saw vanlife as an experiment, an inquiry into the merging of a traditional 9-5 with a nomadic lifestyle. Sharing our story came naturally, as we desired to offer an authentic-as-possible look at life on the road. GoWesty believed in our vision, and our partnership began as the best partnerships do. Slow, steady and a lot of fun. In our contract it was required that we meet Jad the General Manager at a Mexican restaurant for food and beer. We received some discounts on products and lot of good vibes.

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A UFO in Sedona

Three years ago, when we left New England, I could not sit ten feet from the van in the dark without spooking myself crazy. Peeing outside of the van during the night was a feat to be celebrated. Convinced that a predatory wild animal, mythical werewolf or serial killer was lurking behind a bush ready to pounce, I would count down the seconds before my life was sucked away.

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Modern Nomads Web Series Interview

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In my travels, I had the chance to cross path¬†with Emily and Corey from Where’s My Office Now, they’ve been inspiring nomads for almost three years with their Vanagon named Boscha and their dog Penny! You probably heard about the web series about modern nomads they’ve been working on for a little while now, and here it is! I thought of doing a little interview about the behind the scenes of producing a such major project like this while being on the road. At the end of the post you’ll find the 5 videos. Enjoy!¬†

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