Four Years + 100,000 Miles + 48 States

Where’s My Office Now? began as an experiment in January 2013.

We wondered…

is it possible to live an adventurous nomadic lifestyle and work remotely?

What challenges and opportunities will arise?

What will we learn and will it be worth it?

And so we wandered, on a quest for adventure, freedom and truth,

and funding it through remote web work.

It’s been a wild ride of ups and downs…

inclement weather, breakdowns, broken bones, bliss, beauty, courage, new perspectives

and new friends.

Now, four years down the road…

so much has changed since we left our New England hometowns behind.

Mostly, we’ve changed.

We now know that

anything is possible

and nothing is guaranteed.

America is beautiful.

The land and wildlife are perspective altering and uplifting.

And so are the people.

With each additional mile, step, breath and moment down this road,

we are inspired by the worldwide community of modern nomads, Earth, and each other

to continue embracing the unknown and reclaiming our real wealth.

We are the creators of our life story.


“Vanlife gives me the opportunity to follow my passions, but the self growth and lessons gained from the road are the true gift.”

– Corey


Corey’s passions are mountain biking, surfing, and sharing what he’s learned about vanlife to support others in living their dream. He majored in biology at the University of New Hampshire with the intention of becoming a physician’s assistant. After assessing what makes him happy, he decided it wasn’t the path for him and worked as a kayak guide and shop manager for Portsmouth Kayak Adventures for years. On the road, Corey is a van man of all trades, regularly cooking, cleaning, driving and tending to Boscha’s mechanical needs. He leads the technical aspect of our van adventures. Over the past four years on the road, Corey has worked as a mountain biking tour guide, bike shop and wood shop worker, farmer and as the Production Assistant for a major network television series. Now, Corey oversees our alliance relations.

“Vanlife to me is the opportunity to step back, calm my mind, open my heart, and reconnect. It is the daily remembrance of how beautiful and miraculous it is that we are all here right now on epic Earth spinning in circles around the Sun. This magical unknown is the essence of life on the road to me. Of life, really.”

– Emily


Emily lives vanlife to follow her passions of yoga, surfing, dancing, and storytelling. Vanlife for Emily has been a journey of unraveling ambitious seeking and she often shares her self realization moments on social media as a way to document her journey and inspire others to live their dream. Prior to vanlife Emily worked as the Marketing Director for a Sotheby’s real estate agency, for The New York Times, as an actor in independent films and commercial, and as a website developer. Most recently Emily works as a storyteller.

“I used to hate the van because it reminded me of the shelter and was just a big unknown. But now I love it and every time I go in it the outside changes! I’m much happier now. Like, really. I do flips n’ stuff.”

– Penny Rose the Rescue Pup

Penny Rose

Penny Rose was rescued from a shelter in Cottonwood, Arizona in April 2014 which she was probably about 10 months old. She is a high energy, playful, sweet brindle girl. Her breed is unknown, but she’s clearly full dog. Her days are full of protecting the pack and keeping everyone warm at night, giving love, chasing frisbees and squirrels, eating, sleeping, hiking and being cute.  Her name is Penny Rose because she is the color of copper. Copper is one of the oldest metals and is known to be a protector against evil and attractor of love.

“I’m a homeowner. My home is white, has an upstairs loft and a full kitchen. It can comfortably sleep four. It has four tires. My home is a VW Vanagon. She’s a beauty, but not in a shiny new kind of way. She is well worn and lived in.”

– Emily


Boscha is a 1987 VW Vanagon Westfalia. The name “Boscha” is a combination of the previous owner’s name Sasha, and the German parts company Bosch. She’s like our badass German grandmother taking us on adventure after adventure. She’s the perfect blend of functionality and character, provides us with two beds, a full kitchen, an office and most importantly, a home. Boscha has been lovely cared for over the years by our friends and supporters at GoWesty Camper Products.

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