The average American leaves behind 102 tons of garbage, much of which ends up in water.

Microplastics are found in tap water and 93% of bottled water.

Oceans cover 75% of the planet and hold 97% of Earth’s water.

8+ million tons of plastic enter the oceans each year.

Oceans provide more than half of the oxygen we breathe and absorb carbon.

We need healthy oceans.

Oceans need us to change.


A 30-day plastic free adventure! Join the vanlife community to raise awareness of the detrimental effects plastic has on the oceans, drinking water, wildlife and us. We will abstain from purchasing and using single use plastic for the month of July and will document the process on Instagram stories and posts. Use hashtag #plasticfreevanlife.

Other hashtags to help raise awareness are: #plasticfree #plasticpollution #zerowaste #waronwaste #breakfreefromplastic #plasticispoison #plasticfreejune #plasticfreejuly #lessplastic #saynotoplastic #plasticfreeoceans #plasticfreeforthesea #plasticfreeliving

Join the challenge!


Use stainless steel reusable water bottles.

Say no thank you to beverage straws and bring your own reusable coffee mug.

Bring your own to-go container.

Buy dry food in bulk and bring your storage bins inside to fill up.

Seek produce without single-use plastic packaging. Try farmer’s markets!

Stay positive and accepting of the people around you and their plastic use.

Share what you learn on social media and use hashtag #plasticfreevanlife.

Enjoy the journey!



GoWesty Campers and Bing Surfboards made this project possible. A huge thank you to the folks behind the brands for believing in our mission and primarily for taking steps towards eco-conscious business practices.